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One Stop Printing Solutions

Mission Statements
Our mission is to support our customers and clients by providing quality printing products which help them to gain and expand their business with high quality advertising information. To maintain our vision and mission by constantly producing fast and affordable printing solutions at highest quality product possible through our highly high end printing machinery, materials and skills in manufacturing process
JUARA PRINTSHOP (JP) was established in 2008.  We initially began as a small digital fast printing shop, in Bandar Baru Bangi, offering small scale digital printing, photocopy services and stamp making. In 2010 we moved to Jalan Reko Kajang, expanded JP into a complete line of business services including offset printing, heat press printing,  advertising inkjet banner printing,  promotional products printing, small to large format printing, designing and early in raya packet printing.  JP was given the opportunity by Harian Metro in 2011 to advertise and introducing new concept of family and business self/own picture raya packet. In 2013 we moved to our current location now in Taman Tenaga Kajang, was further expanded in silkscreen printing and sublimation printing. We also expanded in making merchandise printing and mugs printing by the end of year.
Later in 2014,  SAMPUL RAYA DOT MY INDUSTRIES (SRDM) was established as our new company in manufacturing raya packets starting with a large gluing machine and later in 2015 with a hydraulic die-cut machine. Now SRDM running up to 3 large processing plans and up to 2019, we can manufactures scale up to 20 millions pieces raya packet during Hari Raya season. In 2018, SAMPUL BORONG DOT COM INDUSTRIES (SRDM) was established to manage large scale agents & wholesalers throughout enite Malaysia lead by En. Hisyammudin, focusing down to small agents selling in Bazaar and online sellers, helping them create opportunities in business and gain extra incomes.
JUARA CETAK INDUSTRIES (JCI) was established in 2016 and we expanded our services in embroidery for t-shirts, corporate shirts, caps, towels and etc. We purchased a 12-heads large size embroidery machine and a single head multipurpose embroidery machine as early production line. Later, a large A2 laser-cut machine was added to our production line. Now, we are on our new plans in developing new project under Juara Print-On-Demand (JPOD), we are building in house upcoming netizenSMART system and printing solutions. JPOD project is an order fulfillment method system where items are printed as soon as an order is made, often without minimum order. Orders can be made thru apps using smartphones, thru web base program using computers or using onsite standing kiosk system. We will provide ordering service online thru our own netizenSMART programmed apps/web base program/onsite kiosk, customers will make order and make the design by themself. No need to pay for design charge. They will choose their own template or readymade graphic, upload their own picture and write their own wishes on chosen products.
Today, we have more than 14 years of experience in providing one-stop printing services, from designing, digital to offset printing, implementing latest technologies in the fields of printing, die-cutting, gluing, box making, packing services and packaging products, also in silkscreen printing, sublimation printing and embroidery services. Our own machinery and equipment are in place to full-fill market demands for excellent service and quality products. We are also committed to offer innovative paper products solutions through continuous improvement of personnel, quality standards and technology in producing a wide range of products from name card, newsletter, leaflet, flyer, brochure, catalogue, booklet, letterhead, invoice, bill-books, envelope, packaging box, greeting card, label, paper bag, certificate, file folder, poster, PVC sticker, raya packet, calendar, bunting, banner, car stickers, etc. We are here to fulfill every unique requirement and demand from customer.